Feedback from my Clients

Whilst there is limited scientific evidence to verify the efficacy of Reflexology, EFT and Reiki, anecdotal evidence and increasing use by members of the medical profession appears to support it's effectiveness.  I'm convinced, but don't just take my word for it, here are just a few of the comments I've had from clients...

"An incredible stress buster" - LH

"Headaches just fade away" - GK

"I felt the area round my chest 'clear' and I could breathe properly again" - DM

"Excellent. Feel calm and able to cope" - JM

"Feel relaxed and sleepy. I can let go." - HM

"Back pain just faded away" - HS

"I've had that back pain for years and its just melted away." - GK

"All chest pain gone and breathing easier following my car accident." - ST

"Sessions prepared me for birth of my baby, helped me cope, and I recovered really quickly." - WS

"Unbelievable energy" - MB

"Really pleased with my self confidence and will power." - SH

"I can't believe the pain has gone from my knee" - GS

"I'm really impressed! You've cured me! You can do anything" - LA

"I feel really good." - BS

"Fantastic. I would love this every day" - KW

"Pleased that my leg cramps stopped." - JBD

"I really needed that. Helps me relax and focus on my acting" - Reiki client

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