Created in 1992 by Jenny Lee, a Physiotherapist and Reflexologist, Babyreflex is specially adapted Reflexology for babies aged 1-24 months of age.  It is non-invasive, and no oils, creams or powders are used.  It can be given when out and about, and baby does not need to be undressed.  It is taught over three weekly one hour long sessions either on a one-one basis or in small supervised groups.  Fun for all while learning life long skills.

Babies love Babyreflex and it is designed to help you as Parents with calming your baby.  Once you have learned the technique, spending time with your baby and giving regular Babyreflex, is relaxing for both of you, and is believed to help with the bonding process, and increase your confidence in handling your baby.

Vertical Reflex Therapy

A short reflexology technique, applied to the weight bearing feet or hands, created by Lynne Booth in the 1990s, following extensive research in an elderly residential care home with people at all stages of mobility/immobility.  VRT is suitable for everyone, with few contra-indications: from children, office workers, athletes, to the elderly.

What does it do?

Here the Reflexologist applies pressure with fingers, thumbs or knuckles to reflex areas on your feet or hands when you are in a weight-bearing position.  The sessions are usually shorter or can be combined with a longer session of traditional Reflexology with lots of relaxation exercises.  Anthony Porter ART, described VRT as 'a major milestone in the development of Reflexology'.

VRT can be used for all ages and mobility. A specialised form of this technique may be helpful with Fertility problems and supported conception programmes.

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